March 1998   Founded production base in Shantou
April 1994  Founded the brand name: SALAR and DANYIN
May 2000  Founded the operation center for SALAR and DANYIN brand in Guangzhou.
December 2001  SALAR and DANYIN brand full covered all IT channel.
May 2002   Full to develop the international market .
December 2002  SALAR and DANYIN brand enter into Top 3 sales in domestic PC headphones market.
July 2003  Found of headphone integrated speaker R&D room
December 2004  SALAR and DANYIN brand became a well-known brand in domestic market.
June 2005  Obtianed a number of international certifications including ISO9001,CE,GS and FCC.
June 2009  SALAR and DANYIN brand of 10th anniversary and national distributor meeting successful held in Changlong,Guangzhou.
October 2012  SALAR propose to centering on mobile intelligent terminals of strategic direction.
March 2014  DANYIN propose to centering on E-sports audio products of strategic direction.
September 2015 DANYIN successful to develope the first electrostatic headphone: T8 Gilding
2016 Became standing director unit of Guangdong Electronic Chamber of Commerce.

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